Short Film Opportunity - Manchester - Expenses Only

Character Breakdown.

ISABEL: Early - mid 20’s. Quirky, not a typical girly girl. Isabel spends most of her time
daydreaming and taking photo’s on disposable cameras. She takes photo’s that are out of focus or of things that most people would ignore. She see’s beauty where others see fault and is longing to find someone like herself.

Isabel is not a sun bed queen, nor is she interested in shopping. She is not vain and is often on her own, preferring her own company and thoughts over the company of others. Isabel is not like most girls and often asks herself questions that serve no purpose or offer no answer, like do stairs go up or down?

MARC: Early - mid 20’s. Marc looks like a normal guy but he has a silent quirkiness to him.  Something of a tech geek Marc enjoys his gadgets and adores his digital camera. One thing Marc craves the most is a girl who isn’t vain and has a passion for taking photo’s.

Marc spends a lot of his time alone, taking photo’s of nature in the local park. Although Marc is good looking he just finds most girls have no real depth to them and longs to find someone who shares similar interests and appreciates the small, beautiful and often ignored things life has to offer.

Additional Information.

The first part of the script does have dialogue but it is all voiceover, so the people considered for the role will have to have the ability to convey emotions and thoughts without using the power of words.

The film will be shot on a Canon 7D DSLR camera, using a 24-70mm 2.8 lens and 50mm 1.4 lens.  This will give the look of the film a natural, yet beautiful look without being too intrusive for the actors.

Preliminary shooting dates for the film will be Thursday March 29th and Friday March 30th (TBC depending on locations) If NOT THESE dates it will be Thursday 5th April and Friday 6th April.

As you will be able to see from the script there isn’t much description, this is because as it is predominantly a silent movie, I will be hands on with the direction with both acting and camera.

The script provides a basic synopsis/descriptor of what happens in each scene.

Filming will take place in a yet to be confirmed house in the Manchester area, the Bramhall area and Bramhall Park. Travel expenses will be paid upon receipt of bus/train/tram tickets as proof of purchase.

Please submit by forwarding your CV, a link to showreel (if possible) and a brief covering email to:

Deadline for submissions is Friday 16th March at 8pm.

Short Film Role for Male Actor Manchester

We have been asked to help with finding candidates for the following role.  At present we do not have details on the filming commitment, dates or if there are any fees attached sorry, but we would ask that you have a look at the character breakdown and if you are suited to it, submit your CV to us by email, with IRREVERSIBLE as the email subject.

19 – 22. Unemployed. Stoner. Sensitive and introvert. Subscribes to the small town chav look. Not stupid but not well educated. He’s a follower (mainly in his brothers shadow), but has a heart and would always mean well.
Please forward your CV, headshot (preferably as one document) or a link to your online CV.  If you have showreel, please send a link to that too:
Deadline for submissions is Monday 12th March, 6pm